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About Sukhdham Kothi

Experience the hospitality with serene surroundings !

Sukhdham means the Abode of Bliss and that is what the visitor experiences. The building is an excellent blend of English and Indian architecture. With it open terraces, cool arcades, foliated arches and intricately carved stone screens, Sukhdham is set in a lush orchard. The fifteen well appointed rooms have been tastefully furnished to maintain the character of a heritage home.

The natural surroundings provide a safe habitat for a variety of birds. For the bird lovers it is a paradise – what with a peacock dancing around while you sip your morning tea. The fragrance of the scented trees and shrubs along the walkways; the smell of mango blossom in spring and the multitude of birds in the mango groves are some of the memories a visitor takes back with him.


Sukhdham traces its history to the 19 th century. After what happened in the 1857 mutiny, Sukhdham was built as the residence of the British Agency Surgeon in c. 1870. It continued to house a series of British doctors till 1922 when it was handed over to the Kotah State. It was then christened ‘Sukhdham’ by His Highness Umed Singhji, Maharao of Kotah.

In 1929 it became the residence of Col Th. Prithvi Singhji, MBE, GOC Kotah State forces.He was the second person from Rajasthan to get the Kings Commission and had a distinguished career in the Indian Army and saw action in the First World War. On retirement he joined Patiala forces before coming to Kotah to raise the Umed Infantry.

After his death in 1960, his only son, Th. Jaswant Singhji, who served in the Indian Railway Traffic Service( 1938-72) continued the tradition albeit in a different way. He took to music and history with passion. For posterity he bestowed his three volume collection of the songs and ballads of princely Rajasthan compete with musical notations .This unique treatise, for which he received the Dagar Gharana award, became instantly popular not only in Rajasthan but also with musicians of the Indian Classical Tradition throughout India.

His sons Jaiwardhan and Harshvardhan decided to convert the building into a Heritage Hotel which commenced operations in 1996.

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